Vrooom is one of the most significant electronic-rock groups
in Serbia. Until today they recorded five albums. All releases
found undisputed critical acclaim, and the various singles
from these albums reached the top of all the important top ten lists
in Serbia and in the region.

Presenting their music, Vrooom performed in almost all
European countries reaching from France to Bulgaria, playing
in different concert venues - from underground clubs to big
concert halls, as well as taking part in music, multimedia and
theatre festivals.

Besides their concert activity, Vrooom members created
music for over 50 theatre plays (performing it live in some of
them), as well as music for feature and documentary films, big
events, exhibitions and performances. From 2010. to 2012.,
the band was engaged as the part of the theatrical blockbuster
“HAIR”(Theatre Atelje 212), performing live well-known Galt
Macdermot’s score, but in own contemporary arrangements.
The show had over 40000 spectators.
Now they are touring with the music theatre project "Jami district".

They received many awards including "Sterija's award for
best original music" (the most prominent Serbia award in the field
of theatre), "Davorin Popovic" and "TV Metropolis Band of the year".